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Monday, June 24, 2013

Heathrow Express Celebrates 15th Birthday with giant train shaped cake

While the London Underground is celebrating its 150th anniversary, the Heathrow Express celebrated its 15th birthday with the aid of some cake.  A large train sized cake.  Coming in at 4 metres long, 1.5 x 4m x 2m and taking over 30 hours to install it was on display at Paddington station today.

A team of 15 bakers used  industrial cake mixers, copper moulds, blowtorches and spirit levels to engineer the cake in-situ at the station. It's made of sponge, fondant icing and chocolate.

Keith Greenfield, Managing Director of Heathrow Express said: “Building an enormous carriage-shaped cake with its flavours inspired by the Heathrow Express journey felt like a fitting way to celebrate our 15 years of service. We hope that passengers are able to enjoy a slice as they pass through on their way to or from the airport.”

Come on TfL now it's your turn to make a replica Tube train cake for your anniversary celebrations.  

Imperial Mint Wharf Cake - Gary Morrisroe
Photos by Gary Morrisroe 

We had a giant cake Tube map a few years ago for National Baking Week and perhaps the cake could be installed at Swiss Roll Cottage station, or maybe Victoria sponge Tube or even Charing Hot Cross Bun station.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lego Tube Maps - 150th London Underground Birthday Celebrations

Fans of Lego rejoice. To mark the London Underground's 150th anniversary, five the Tube maps through the years have been created entirely out of Lego.

Each map is made from 1,000 Lego bricks and they aim to show how the Tube map has evolved from 1927 through to a first look as to what it could look like by 2020.

The maps, can be seen at Kings Cross St. Pancras (for the 2020 map), South Kensington (1927 map), Piccadilly Circus (1933 - Harry Beck's original map), Green Park (1968 map)  and Stratford (2013 map) Tube stations this summer, before moving onto permanent homes at London Transport Museum.

Lego tube (London underground) map  by Ben Sutherland
Photo by Ben Sutherland

They've  certainly come on a long way from the interpretation of the Lego Tube Map at Legoland Windsor (pictured above) and the Lego maps made by Duncan Titchmarsh in 2007

Lego Tube Map by talltim10

Mike Ashworth, Design and Heritage Manager at London Underground, said: 'LEGO have done a wonderful job of recreating our internationally recognized Tube map. 

'I'm sure our customers of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy looking at the five different LEGO maps that show the history and development of the Underground. 

 'The 2020 map at King's Cross St. Pancras shows the new stations and rail links we want to deliver - we hope this fun LEGO map will inspire the young engineers of the future to help deliver our vision.'

You can pick up a leaflet at the stations where the Lego maps are displayed with  details on how to build your own London Underground logo or 'roundel' out of Lego bricks.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Robb Stark from Game of Thrones on the Tube

SPOILER ALERT for Game of Thrones fans .... don't read this is you haven't watched the latest episode of the show .... or have somehow managed to survive several days on the internet without knowing what has happened.

What happens to kings who've just been murdered?  Apparently they end up on the Bakerloo Line.  Robb Stark or rather the actor who plays him, Richard Madden was spotted on the London Underground recently, looking rather pensive.  Stark very recently met a grisly end in a massacre on Game of Thrones much to the shock of many viewers. 

Photo by @DannyBlahBlah
As it looks as though @DannyBlahBlah took this when the weather was a tad more inclement than it is now, one can only assume it was before his very recent demise was broadcast. 

All Robb aka The King of the North needed was for some Tube "joker" to say "Cheer up mate it might never happen" and then he could have turned around and said, "It already has, I've just been brutally murdered".

Alex Kingston on the Tube 2
Dr Who's Alex Kingston spotted by me on the Piccadilly Line

Let us know if you've spotted any other bored looking actors who play sci fi or fantasy characters on the Tube as there seems to be a growing "club" of them.

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