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Wednesday, January 08, 2003


Most amusing thing seen on the tube - A woman with a handbag made out of crisp packets. It wasn't a bag lady either. I was looking at her bag and it seemed to be made out of little triangles of tin foil then looking closer I could see doritos logos and things that looked like crisps and bar codes and all sorts. Not sure if you've seen people in pubs who've when they've finished with their crisps fold the packets neatly up into little triangles well, someone had done this big time and made them into a handbag. It was like something out of Reeves and Mortimer "we took five hundred crisp packets and folded them up to make this rather fetching shoulder bag".

Reminded me of the guy whose making money out of scupltures based on him doing origami and
complicated folded designs using tube tickets.


Best Metro moment

London Underground's traditonal New Year campaign to recruit more female staff. Every year in January LU trumpet on about how they will place adverts in loads of women's mags in an attempt to gain more chicks as drivers or station assistants. I bet it'ds really difficult being a female train driver as you can hear all the stuff about women drivers and somehow I get the feeling tube drivers are blokes' blokes. Don't know why, just call it female inutition.

The worst thing I can think of a being a chick on the tube would be to have to wear one of those god awful hats that make you look like you've wobbled off the set of Captain Scarlet or are pretending to be an air hostess for some low budget airline. While thinking about this today I saw a woman who had taken the sensible decision to wear one of the guy's hats (or maybe they'd just run out of the Captain Scarlet headgear). Add the wonderful baton to the picture and you have a fashion nightmare - no wonder it's hard to recruit women.

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