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Monday, January 13, 2003


Spied a hardly eaten Cadbury's Guarana Boost left on the section between two escalators at Piccadilly Circus. Brill. I had Cadbury's chocolate who unfortunately have the concession of all the
chocolate machines on the London Underground. However one day I thought I would try a new Boost Guarana. It was the most vile chocolate experience in my life. It tasted of poison. I threw it away after two bites. It ought to be banned and whoever at Cadbury's who thought "I know lets mix up some of our dirt tasting chocolate with glucose and Guarana to give people an energy boost, never mind that it tastes like the scrapings at the bottom of a witches couldron. We'll put it in a trendy green wrapper (Hello - Green = mint on chocolate bars - do they know nuffin?) and sell it for loads". Whoever they were ought to be sacked. In fact sacking's too good for them. They ought to be force fed Boost Guarana's for the rest of their lives.

Anyway suffice to say I hate them and after seeing the left over one tonight there is another fellow sufferer on the tube.


Uneventful, not that the tube is full of events. However was listening to Capital Radio this morning and a DJ was at King's Cross station in the control rooms making jokes about whistles and being given a signal man's hat and lo and behold driver announcement at Hammersmith - King's Cross station is closed. Why due to cheesy DJ jokes, due to microphone failure, due to skipping CD's. We the public should be told.

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