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Monday, January 06, 2003


Most interesting fact in Metro -
Metro's free newspaper the commuter's lifesaver. Saves you having to make eye contact with people and also involves a conversation. Like "have you finished with your Metro mate?". Today's "famous commuter" was some woman who's written a book on nutrition. Metro do scrape the barrel with their famous people who use the tube Monday feature (probably cos hardly anyone famous never really travels on it). Anyway famous nutritition woman likes talking to people on the tube so she can see their tongues. Apparently you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their tongue. Can't say I've ever put in into practice but may try in the next few weeks.

Eavesdrop of the day - written - overlooking at someone's exciting report Security, Clarity, Creativity was the riveting title. You never know what to might see someone reading on the tube. I often see lawyers with many juicy cases - just wish I was on the jury - second thoughts having done the mind numbing two weeks of boredom that is jury service - I'm glad I'm not.

Eavesdrop of the day - verbal - "And then I got delayed at Guildford and then they told us all to change trains. I woulnd't have minded but it was sooo cold. Then we all piled onto the train, then it got stuck again"....then I put on my mini-disc walkman - Protection by Massive Attack. There's nothing more dull than listening to people's tales of woe about their journeys, so I will try not to do it, in this blog, unless I can inject a bit of humour into it.

Commuters New Year's Resolution I must run up the escalator at Piccadilly Circus cos it's good for me, but then I must get knackered halfway up and squeeze in front of the next person on the steps (me) and invade their personal space.

Funniest thing seen on travels A man with the most ridulous haircut going into Piccadilly Circus - it looked like a dark haireded version of Mozart's wig.


Worst tube ad - TV5 on cable TV is a French TV Channel. Headline "French TV at it's best" Spot the deliberate mistake. Perhaps they're not great at grammar.

Books spotted - a couple next to me both reading novels by Kundera - not the same novel - that would be spooky but two different titles. I love it when people are reading the same book as me as you feel like you're in a little club!

Eavesdrop of the day (2) - written Guy opposite me reading a copy of theatre lovies' newspaper The Stage. Spotted the obituary of James Hazeldine. Top TV actor who was in London's Burning for years but also in this really weird drama series called The Last Train. It was about people who were in a train crahs and it somehow meant they survived the apocalypse and so you had this collection of motley travellers from the same carriage roaming around the UK trying to find other survivors. Makes you wonder what would happen if you were stuck in the same carriage with people for the rest of your life.


Well I thought it was about time I had one, being New Year and all that and the site's now four years old - OHMIGOD! So it will be a daily posting of my experiences on the tube. Random musings and sometimes not complete, if you want that stuff go to back to the main site.

So if you want a little bit more of the mind of Annie Mole, then tune into my daily blog. A perfect companion piece to www.goingunderground.net, THE fun and informative site about travelling on the London Underground.

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