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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Apparently I'm "the spiritual thought leader of the London Underground system"

I must apologize to Jag Minhas who sent me a link to his story about it taking him
9 hours to get home on the day before I broke my leg. It was the night (30th Jan 2003) that London got 4 centremetres of snow and ground to a standstill. People were stuck on motorways for hours and many people at my office the following day had tales of how it took them hours to get home too. I broke my leg in two places the following day and the world took a bit of a back seat when I wallowed in the fact that I would be in plaster and using crutches for the next six weeks.

So to recitify the balance all power to Jag Minhas who has complained to everyone you could possibly think of to try to find out why it took him 9 hours to get home. He's written to London Transport, Mayor Ken Livingstone, and even the Met Weather office and he's published all the replies on his site

Jag said: "I have emailed just about everybody who I think are representative of the collective responsibility of transport systems of London. I even emailed Annie Mole - the spiritual thought leader of the London Underground system - but apart from a couple of politically spun responses from Mayor Ken�s office - I have had little back from anybody. Alas - it seems nobody is interested."

Since then Jag has had a number of responses, so people are interested in a way, but possibly not prepared to do anything about it.

Well Jag I hope this entry has helped a few others to see your efforts now and it's great that your site has had many visitors from around the world. Give Grumbletext a try too - let's shame the system into some action.

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