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Monday, June 09, 2003

Carling are taking over the Underground!

Well they certainly seem to be behind this busking business. Not only have the sponsored all the buskers "platforms" and posters but at certain stations (Piccadilly Circus and Waterloo - are the two I've spotted), there are giant TV monitors with little adverts from Carling about concerts they are sponsoring and also this morning a little black and white slide show of the pubs nearest to Piccadilly Circus where you can buy pints of Carling. I would love to get hold of the guys behind this campaign as they have money to burn it appears. So guys from Carling if you want to attract commuters and you've got a few quid to spare out of your marketing budget, there's some spare ad space on my main site..........

Mail Rail tubes going - who cares?

I can't believe there is so much press coverage about the demise of these trains that travel the tube network with London's mail. Hardly anyone knew about them in the first place and now it seems that hundreds of people, including some bods from London Assembly are up in arms about the fact they'll be closed down at the end of the month. The system is thought to be losing about �250 million a year- close it down - it's clearly not cost effective. The
BBC website asked for possible uses of the train instead as it seems that it might be sold off to a commercial company. Some of my favourite suggestions for its use from that feature are below:

* To hold the politians and civil servants who made the train unprofitable.
* Make it into a tourist attraction (mmmm lovely views of tunnels, dirt, dust and shite)
* A luggage check in procedure for people using the Heathrow/Paddington Express
* A pub crawl
* Sell to Dr Evil so he can transport his henchmen to and from his underground lair
* With the four foot height limit, it is not suitable for commuter traffic, but it could perhaps be used to ferry parties of young children on school runs.

I love that idea

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