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Thursday, July 17, 2003

air conditioning on the tube and the reward has struck a chord (despite the fact it's currently wet, grey and miserable and not particularly warm in London). Several hits to this blog as a result of people searching and in today's Metro a very good letter response to Mayor Ken Livingstone's reward:

"I gather than Ken Livingstone has offered a reward of �100,000 to the person who invents a successful air conditioning system for the Underground. As one of the unfortunate cattle-class who has to battle through these radiator pipes every day, here's my idea: more trains, fewer people per train. This will mean fewer people standing on baking platforms and less Tube rage. And less time spent meditating in someone else's armpit. So do I get the �100,000?"
Lucy Johnston from London WC1

This slightly echoes my earlier posting, if the tube were doing their job properly in the first place Sheriff Ken, shouldn't have to be offering "rewards" for something that someone in the last hundred years of tube travel should have worked out by now.

The BBC have also got people to come up with some excellent suggestions as to how the tube should be cooled down - some complete with images:

Cooling down the London Underground

* Replace those tired old tracks and trains with canals and gondolas. The cool water and slow pace of travel will make it much more pleasant.

* Equip all passengers with personal breathing apparatus and flood the tunnels using water from ye mighty Thames.

* Using cooling colours like deep blues and whites would create the impression of cool. Painting the walls and installing drinking fountains would help.

* Providing all passengers with free ice lollies.

* Getting a frozen pea company to sponsor the tubes with giant packs of frozen peas stuck to the outside of trains.

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