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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Normal Londoner suspicion alert

This poor man asked me the time when coming down the escalator today. So I told him. He then started saying how hot it was. Yes I agreed. Mmm he thinks, she's talking to me. "It reminds me of my home town" Now I could simply ignore him as he was a bit smelly and had that sad, lonely, 'I want to make friends with complete strangers' air about him. So rather than being rude or mad enough to reply "Oh really, where's your home town?" I simply nodded with a non eye contact movement, trying to say "Go away I'm really not interested in talking to you and you smell and you're getting a bit too familiar matey back off". When we got off the bottom of the escalator he held back a bit as though he was going to walk with me. So I held back too and fortunately we were getting on different trains.

Now any non Londoner reading this will be thinking, "You sad cow he was only trying to make conversation, he wasn't an axe murderer". Any Londoner would be thinking - "Good move love, he was probably only after your purse or he might have talked loudly to you on the tube and stalked you all the way home".

Would you strike up a conversation with this man below?

The art of non conversation on the tube

Of course not - check out the full story and thanks to DC in the comments for reminding me.

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