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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

How u feelin?....Hot, Hot, Hot!

If only they would - Cross track tube advertising

Top cross track tube advert spotted to day for Abbey National about the summer specials they would love to provide us if they could.

Instead all we get on the underground are the delays of 12 minutes or more. Overground lines buckling in the heat having a knock on effect on the lines underground. I was almost late for an afternoon meeting in King's Cross, and it was in an air conditioned office which was wonderful. When I stepped outside it was seriously like walking into an oven, so I bought an ice- cream, (actually Abbey National have a point why don't we get free ice cream instead of
Mayor Ken's promise of �100,000 for an air conditioning solution?), got on the tube home and was feeling remarkably smug and cool until I got about six stops down the line and was dripping with sweat again.

Love their Hot logo, reminds me of the Magpie logo

Just noticed however that according to the Evening Standard the tube have ordered loads of bottles of water - 15,000 half litres in fact: "in case commuter trains break down and become stranded. An LU spokeswoman said: 'The forecast is for very high temperatures today and we want to be ready. A stranded train could have 1,000 people on board.' The spokeswoman emphasised the water would only be handed out in an emergency."

That's nice then, so it looks like free ice creams are definitely out of the question.

The article in the Standard continues saying that "The worst conditions yesterday (5th August 2003) were in a waiting room on the platform at Hammersmith station, with temperatures up to 38.4C (101F). With a relative humidity of 55 per cent the apparent temperature was 52C (126F). The legal maximum for transporting animals is 35C (95F).

"On one crowded Circle line train at 5pm yesterday the temperature was 33.9C with a relative humidity of 65 per cent, creating an apparent temperature of 48C (119F). "

It's a heatwave.... wave goodbye to fashion

Lots of women appeared to be wearing underwear today (and nothing else), several more Birkenstock sandals spotted and loose breasted women without underwear who clearly should have been wearing some under their skimpy T shirts. More heat tomorrow forecast, and more waving goodbye to fashion sense.

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