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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Kids say the funniest things

Had the pleasure of sitting next the three little boys (aged about four or five) and their au pair while waiting for the tube at Kew Gardens today and overheard the following:

Boy 1: Look at that poster for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Several rousing choruses of the song Chitty Chitty Bang Bang later

Boy 2: But that man, he's not the same as the other man.

The poster was of the black performer Gary Wilmot, who's replaced the usual white performer Michael Ball. I waited with baited breath.

Boy 3: Why's he different?

Boy 1: Perhaps he's not the real man, but he's just showing the picture off.


Boy 2: Look the lights, a train is coming.

Boy 1: That light is amber.

Boy 3: Amber is green

Boy 1: No green is green

We board the train and speed off.

Boy 2: Look there's the train going by that Daddy gets to work

Boy 1: Do you know what my Daddy calls trains?

Boy 3: What?

Boy 1: Tubes. He calls them tubes.

Boys 2 and 3: Why?

Long pause as they all think about it and we approach the next station.

Boy 3: What's this station?

Boy 2: Gunnersbee

Boy 1: What?

Boy 2: That sign says "this station is called Gunnersbree".


Boy 3: You know what?

Boy 2: What?

Boy 3: You and your Daddy and Mummy are so rich. While we are so poor

Much snorting from the au pair and the rest of the carriage who can't hold in the laughter much longer. Little treasures.

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