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Monday, August 18, 2003

Kiwis discover Going Underground

Since Sunday I noticed lots of people from New Zealand visiting the main site
www.goingunderground.net, just by typing it into their browser which makes me think it may have been in a Kiwi Sunday paper this weekend. Now thanks to Leonie I discovered that the site was featured in a weekly email newsletter to all subscribers of Xtra webased email accounts. A sort of Hotmail account for Kiwis. Here's what they said:

"Going underground
You've probably heard that rainy old England just had its hottest day since records began. All very well you might think, but no fun at all if you're stuck in a sweltering tube tunnel. Just the same, many Kiwis have fond memories of the Underground and this is an excellent place to relive them. more>>"

Thanks mates and a special thanks to Leonie for forwarding the newsletter.

Wet, wet, wet

As you'll see from the weather pixie in the right hand panel underneath the links - it actually rained in London today for the first time in ages. So finally we can get back to normal blogging and not go on about how hot it is.

This morning, however, it was bright, sunny and hot and people were sitting on the big planters that have suddenly sprouted at Kew Gardens station. Most people are using them as bins too. I wonder when something will actually be planted in them as they're a bit of a security risk left empty like that and the tube went to so much trouble to introduce clear plastic rubbish bins, it seems mad to have ruddy great empty black planters around.

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