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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Tube poet

Forget to say that last Friday 22nd August on the Northern Line at about 6ish (not my normal line thank God) I saw this tube poet/busker reciting a poem about commuting. He was white, quite skinny, skinhead with a strange long strand of blue hair protruding from the front.

He got on the train and said something like "Ladies and Gentleman can I have a moment of your time?" (which is tantamount to saying - "I am a tramp or a nutter and about to embarrass you") He then recited a "poem" about tube commuting which I wish to the life of me I could have remembered, but it's something like:

A is for the arseholes that we travel with everyday
B is for Bureaucracy that always makes you pay etc etc

I made the above two up, but some actual ones were:

J is for the jealousy for those that have a seat

M is for the announcer saying Mind the Gap
N is for the newspapers that are always full of crap

P is for the pervert who is staring at your crutch

He went through the whole alphabet, during which there a few smiles and then lots of shuffling as it was going on a bit too long and we wondered what he'd do at the end. When it did actually end, there was a silence, and he said "Ah come on folks - you can do better than that" - still nothing. Then he looked all hurt and stood in the corner swigging from a bottle of mineral water and got off at the next stop.

Does the poor man do this every day?

Does anyone else know the whole poem or can you fill in some of the lines?

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