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Monday, August 11, 2003

Why does a train behind us cause delays?

Coming home this evening I was stuck at Green Park for what seemed like half an hour. OK, OK it was probably only six to eight minutes but when you are standing in a crowded carriage with hundreds of other people, when it's boiling hot, when everyone is using every single large piece of paper from handbags or spare newspapers as fans and when the driver tells you the delay is due to a train behind you..... it feels like half an hour.

The poor driver was doing his best to keep us informed with announcements every two minutes, but his was as puzzled as the rest of us as to why a train being delayed at King's Cross - several stations behind, should cause the delay at Green Park. If any engineers or Tube powers that be are reading this, can they let me and the other sweltering passengers on the Westbound Piccadilly Line train at about 5.45- 6pm know.

The driver had started out with a
favourite driver's announcement "you might find it easier to let the passengers off the train first before getting on" when I got on a Piccadilly Circus. But one stop later, with the delay at Green Park he joined commuters with the sound of frustration and "only on the tube" tone of dismay in his voice.

Hot hot hot - round 85

It's official - The Guardian tell us that it is hot enough to fry an egg on a pavement!

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