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Monday, September 15, 2003

I am an older woman

Coming home tonight on a pretty crowded tube for the District Line I was standing in front of two teenage girls - one of whom was talking for the entire population of London whilst snacking into a bag of Wheat Crunchies. Fortunately for me they jumped off at Stamford Brook saying "shit" as Turnham Green station was closed and they'd been talking too much to hear the previous announcement.

I sat down and the man in his late fifties/early sixties, next to me said "Their mothers should be given a good talking to" I looked a bit puzzled and he explained, "I can't believe they didn't get up to let an older woman sit down". I actually looked around thinking I hadn't seen any old ladies get onto the tube, and then, with a horrible realisation, gathered that he was referring to me!

Jeesus, I will soon be celebrating the last year of my thirties but didn't think that made me old enough to be seen as someone that teenage girls should get up for. Teenage boys yes, men of any age, yes - I know very sexist, but hey. To set the record straight I really don't expect anyone to stand up for me, apart from when I had my broken leg, and then I would give people such dirty looks if they didn't stand up, I got the feeling they thought I might hit them with my crutches.

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