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Monday, September 01, 2003

London's Power cut - blackout - continued

Conspiracy theories abound on last week's power failure in London. Was it all a cunning plot by the government to take the heat off and divert attention from Tony Blair who was having to answer to the government's position in the Hutton enquiry as a response to David Kelly's suicide. Lots of letters in Metro today on this theory.

Also the National Grid have
apologised for the power failure - although I heard on the radio that they had warned there was a 20% chance of something like this happening if there was not more investment into the system.

For once though the tube drivers deserve to be called "heroes" the fact that more people did not panic when they were stuck in tunnels was down to the drivers keeping people calm and telling them what was going on. The tube staff appeared to be exemplary when leading people out of stuck tubes and down darkened tunnels. People are talking about the spirit of the blitz and London stocism which actually in this case seems to be true.

The Evening Standard headline screamed that "250,000 commuters were stuck on the London Underground" - meaning 250,000 commuters (inlcuding me) were inconvenienced by it. We weren't all stuck on the tube - Thank God. "Terror as evacuation order given" - no one appeared to be terrified, but people calmly got on with trying to get home, or spent hours in a pub to while away the time.

Again was this all a "spin" to divert attention away from our Prime Minister?

I also wonder if the "mock evacution" will take place on the 7th September, now that we've had a real one?

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