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Friday, October 24, 2003

Beyond a joke - 5

Took me an extra forty minutes to get into work today because the District Line has a broken rail between Gunnersbury and Turnham Green. At Kew Gardens a completely garbled and incomprehensible high pitched message came over the tannoy that only dogs could understand. Me and a load of of people who'd already been waiting ten minutes walked to the woman to find out what was going on. So the situation was explained but there was a tube going into Richmond and we could pick up British Rail from there to get into town.

Which we did. Although it was pretty chaotic at Richmond with normal tube commuters struggling to make sense out of the British Rail timetable and delays on this section too. I asked one of the staff which one of the two delayed trains out of Richmond would get to Waterloo fastest, and woman behind me (carrying
Middlesex - what is it about this book), rolled her eyes in sympathy & appreciation.

I picked the one that was supposed to arrive earlier and typically it became a British Snail train and crawled into Waterloo, stopping between stops and I watched the one that left later, speed past me at Putney.

Fortunately no further delays at Waterloo and me and a guy who gets on at Kew Gardens (who has very, very good hair, and I've now discovered is Scottish as he was chatting to a woman on the British Snail train), managed to both end up at Piccadilly Circus at the same time.

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