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Monday, October 20, 2003

Coincidences & luck

Today ended up being a weird and fortunate day tube wise.

In the way you only can in London with 3 million people travelling on the tube each day, I bumped into the friend that I was supposed to have been meeting on Friday night at an interchange at Angel station. I was only there on the beleagured Northern Line because of starting my post grad course (see below). She was only there, because of the beleagured Northern Line and having to change at Angel after getting the bus replacement service.

Took lots of pictures which may be used for my friend's book of Bank station looking as crowded as normal despite the media trying to scare everyone into thinking the tube is unsafe after the weekend's accidents.

Then, finally on the way home, earlier than normal because of my course, I heard a really good busker on the tube and amazingly gave him some money. I normally hate the ones who patrol the carriages as you have no choice but to listen and this guy started off in a really odd way by asking if we wanted to hear an original or a cover version. Of course no one replied, so he did an "original" which was actually very good.

At the end of his song he asked again, "original or cover" and again met with complete silence, so did a Bob Marley cover of "Three Little Birds", which was again very, very good. He then slouched through the carriage with his cup and must have got a fair amount of money as although we were all silent, a good fifth of the carriage gave him money.

As he moved down the carriage with his guitar slung across his back, I saw it was plastered with a massive red and white sticker in classic London Underground Johnston font - "No busking - penalty �200".

Busker with a sense of humour

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