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Friday, October 31, 2003

In the Cut - The Subway in movies

Saw the amazing film
In The Cut this evening starring Meg Ryan. Top Jane Campion film that's a thriller, sexy, erotic, funny and gripping....go and see it now! Expertly shot in Manhattan, there are many subway scenes with Meg Ryan's character (who's an English Teacher) reading quietly to herself poems from the Poetry in Motion New York City Subway ads. Actually inspired by London's Poems on the Underground, but in the film they appeared far sexier, romantic and meaningful than London's.

From the Poetry in Motion subway ad series

I'm sure the subway ads from In The Cut were specially made for the film (although the one above is from the real series), but when I left, I couldn't help comparing my journey home on the Piccadilly Line with the exciting NYC subway. The train looked as though it was going to make an endless round of stops between stops due to a delayed train ahead of us. Where was the romance?

Just before I got on the train, a man stopped to give a homeless guy and his dog some money at the platform entrance at Leicester Square. "Have a nice weekend" said the homeless bloke. A couple opposite me were asleep with their heads resting against each other. A gay couple next to them laughed and joked. Legs apart, their knees touched throughout the journey. Even when I changed to the District Line, a man sat opposite a woman with a single red rose in his hand.

Could you find love on the tube?

Mmm, what was I saying about romance being dead on the tube?

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