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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Life is not always overcast on the tube

Coming home, it was a good journey. But good in the real sense of good. I'm not going to get all religious, but it was one of those evenings when you see total strangers doing things and think perhaps the world doesn't suck.

First off I went down into the bowels of Piccadilly Circus and a whole group of school boys were coming up and the sheer look of excitement on their faces as they hit the open air and saw all the bustle of London and the bright lights of the giant animated McDonalds and Coca Cola advertising was amazing. "Wow", they said, just "Wow".

Hardened old commuter like me and millions of others see this everyday and the only thing I normally think is "God those ads are getting bloody bright, why don't we just get McDonalds to sponsor street lighting and it would save us a fortune in council tax".

Then onto the tube itself and a woman was throwing pennies at people on the train. First I thought she knew the girls she was throwing them at, but she didn't. There was nothing malicious in it, she was just deciding to give away some of her spare change.

Next the guy sitting next to me eating some
Cadbury's Dairy Milk from a vending machine, asked the guy opposite if he could have a copy of Metro that was on the little ledge behind his back. "Sure" the guy replied and gave it to him. Guy sitting next to me said to him "Would you like a piece of chocolate?", Metro guy didn't, but again I thought, how sweet.

Then, penny woman, who we shall call Penny, sat down when the girls had left and like the "mild tube nutter" yesterday, proceeded to quietly talk to herself whilst going through some documents on her lap. I'm not sure what it is about the Piccadilly Line, but why is everyone rehearsing for plays, presentations, speeches or whatever? Anyway Penny just made me stifle my laughter as, with not a care in the world and oblivious of the rest of the carriage, she spent the next fifteen minutes animatedly having this inner presentation complete with hand gestures until I got off to change at Baron's Court.

All very surreal and as Dave on Clear Blue Skies says "Because Life is not Always Overcast".

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