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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

PS I am not a terrorist or am I?

Not about my journey but I received the following email from a yahoo.co.uk account today:


I'm in the process of writing a book which includes the possibility of a terrorist attack between Embankment and Waterloo. I was wondering if you know how probable it is that a bomb could go off under the River Thames and flood the entire tube network?

If you could get back to me with any info that you've got on the structure of the tube, and what's protecting it from being flooded by The Thames, I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks

(I've not shown the person's name)

P.S I am not a terrorist.

I got back to the person and told them that I couldn't help. a) because just by saying you're not a terrorist doesn't mean you are not a terrorist, and b) because I have no idea and haven't got the time to spend on researching someone else's book for them (other than what I'm already doing for
One Stop Short of Barking).

I also said to the person that if they write to the London Underground with a similar email to the one they sent me, they won't get a positive response either.

It must be tricky doing this sort of research because anyone is likely to be highly suspicious of their motives, so unless you are really famous - like crime writer Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendall) whose excellent book King Solomon's Carpet did involve a terrorist plot to bomb the underground, you're not going to have much luck.

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