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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Victoria and Northern Line delays, delays, delays

I don't have to travel on the Northern Line today, thank God, but the poor old Piccadilly line driver on my train today must have given the same announcements about the closure of the line and
delays on the Victoria Line many, many times. I managed to record his most tired one on my camera. I particularly like the end where he says: "Do not change onto the Victoria Line at Green Park, you will only be disappointed".

When I got to work I got an email from the friend I bumped into on Monday about her "worst ever journey" today:

"I bet you'll be innundated with tube stuff today. I have been late both mornings due to the Northern Line and got a telling off yesterday, so set off extra early this morning.

Lift to Finsbury Park, waited for 3 tubes before I could get on the Victoria Line then we were stuck in the tunnel outside King's Cross for 20 minutes without light and air and with a driver that didn't seem to be able to construct a sentence. Lots of people having panic attacks and fainting. So I swapped to the Circle Line which didn't go further than Aldgate. Which resulted in me having to get a cab from Moorgate and still being late.

I can't stand another journey on the tube!


At last I have a Googlewhack - to the uniniated a Googlewhack is when you put two words in Google.com, - no inverted commas cos that's cheating apparently - and only one result comes up, so if you put

oystercard jehovah

in Google you get this site and nothing else. (Update - 26th October - Bollox - it's no longer a Googlewhack as there's another entry there now)

As you can see it's harder than you'd think to get your site in this position and probably pointless too, unless you are Dave Gorman and you can get a hit comedy show and a book deal out of it.

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