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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Morning after the night before - UK Bloggers Christmas Party

I'm sure I will update this later today, but just wanted to say what a great time I had at the party last night. My head is sore and I so TOTALLY blame this on
Rich Wild who organised the whole bash and had the ridiculous idea of bringing out champagne at the end of the evening. I was doing quite nicely on my half a dozen beers and it's amazing how three small glasses of champagne have so much alcohol content in them.

I arrived with my friend Agent Moon as I was too cowardly to come by myself, although I shouldn't have worried, everyone was really friendly and chatty.

So I met the following bloggers (probably more to be added later, when my hangover clears and I find out your names - sorry :-( )

James from oddblogbgod who actually works for the London Underground, so needless to say we had the longest talk.

Tim from kalyr.com who regularly reads this blog.

Darren from timemachinego (another of my regulars) who apparently was having a bit of a crisis about his blog. My friend Agent Moon was trying to discourage this in her usual animated & enthusiastic fashion.

Stuart from hydragenic, was chatting with Agent Moon and Darren, and I had a very, very brief chat with him as he left.

Rich and Taz from funjunkie, plus a really nice guy with curly hair a la Alan Davies whose name I didn't catch (if someone can fill in the gaps for me). Had a really top conversation with these guys about blogging in general, whether it was commercial or becoming more commercial, Alicia Keys' blog which is apparently mad, the Guardian Awards (D'OH we weren't supposed to be talking about them), the Guardian's report of the party, funjunkie's "purpose", the "purpose" of blogging in general, progressive rock, meeting bloggers in the flesh and acting as though you knew them (which you do in a very, very weird way) and tons of other great stuff.

Some of the bloggers also partying, who I read regularly but I didn't get to speak to (which I'm really sorry about) were Gert, Greenfairy, Meg and Dave from acerbia and Pix from pixeldiva.

Rich you just must organise something like this again, so I can get to speak to everyone.

It was bizarrely one of those parties where you have never met the people but you get there and you just have loads and loads to talk about. So very pleased I went and now back to nursing my hangover.

Oh, here comes the tube bit. Left the party at some time way, way after midnight, so got the very last tube into King's Cross last night. Had to get a fecking night bus home (night buses are crap although cheap). After waiting half an hour for the thing to arrive, a bloke had an epileptic fit on the bus, so we were all turfed out for another half an hour. The bus took the longest possible route from King's Cross to Richmond, going through Putney of all places, probably took in Birmingham too, but I was asleep throughout most of the journey. Managed to get a cab at Richmond, then got home at 3am, so am definitely going back to bed now.


Some photos here - plus the promise of a lot more photos here at boredshitless - ah ha a full gallery of 100 odd pix at boredshitless now.

The first of the funjunkie crew's pictures. More pictures from funjunkie's Taz.

List of some of the bloggers from the night

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