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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Another of my favourite tube ads

Yep, more proof that London Underground's advertising agency are having a laugh. They've already brought us
Pissed Santa Having a Slash and now they bring us Happy Chinese Family with a Ticket Seller at the Breakfast Table.

Proof that buying your London Underground ticket is as easy as eating cornflakes

I would so loved to have been in the brainstorm for this:

"Right guys, we've got to show how easy it is to buy your tube tickets"

"OK, you can do it online, or on the phone"

"Didn't First Direct do something about banking at the breakfast table about ten years ago"

"Oh yeah, I think that won an award"

"Kewell, let's copy it"

"Where's the creativity in that?"

"You're right, let's use the basic premise and then bring it into the 21st century"

"Good idea, now we need a breakfast table, we need a family. Mum, Dad, two kids"

"Too nuclear, people getting married later now, becoming more infertile and having fewer kids."

"OK one kid then."

"Great, now shall we make them black or mixed race?"

"No that's been done before, how about Chinese? You don't see many Chinese people in ads. We can always put a black guy in the background."

"Brilliant, I can see another award coming on. Pass me some more Red Bull & vodka, we've got to get this to the client first thing tomorrow morning and it's already 3am".

"By the way, what was that idea you had about Santa having a slash?"

"Too wacky, they'd never buy into it."

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