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Friday, December 05, 2003

Blog Power.... Need to Know and South West Trains

Wow, I've made it into top e-newsletter
NTK - Need To Know's "And Finally" section, albeit with a rather strange description of what this blog is (I certainly DON'T work for the London Underground) and a rather strangely named short URL - but WTF, thanks muchly guys:

"And finally, in accordance with previous NTK scepticism, it turns
out there hasn't been a proper first issue (or a launch party)
of The Friday Thing's "40,000 circulation weekly, launches Aug
'03" THE LONDON NEWS REVIEW yet, just in case you missed their
big announcement about this in the comments section of a post
on somebody's blog all about working for London Underground:
http://qwer.org/apparentlyreadslikeastudentmagazine.html ...

(see 30th November post to find out what they're referring to)

Also, I got South West Trains this morning which was typically late again (yawn), but there were a lot of announcements this time with blow by blow accounts of how nearer the late train was getting to Richmond station. Is Tim Ireland's South West Trains campaign, which mentions my blog, working? Has the head of SWT now read my blog entry complaining about the lack of reliable South West Trains announcements at Richmond?

Adopts voice of Matt Lucas out of Rock Profiles doing Geri Halliwell, "It's Blog Power, everyfing is Blog Power".

Here comes the science bit, at work I've been spouting off about blogs for a while now and when I was at the exhibition at Olympia I went to a seminar on the impact of webogs and reported back to quite a bit of enthusiasm at work. This week Ross Sleight a columnist for the UK new media's weekly rag "New Media Age" wrote a piece on the Power of Blogs, where his friend is using a blog to publicise his new book. Interestingly my friend Mecca has a blog for her book about the London Underground which she tells me doesn't yet, get as much traffic as her main site for One Stop Short of Barking, but she thinks it will pick up when it's published next year.

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