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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Guardian British Blog Awards 2003

Well firstly, welcome if you came here from The Guardian, as many, many of you clearly have.

Secondly, a massive, massive thanks to
The Guardian itself for making my blog "Highly Commended" in the Specialist category for the awards.

I'm a bit shell shocked at the moment and knowing me I'll report more later in the day and wait with interest the response from the UK blogging world.

So, if it's your first time here, have fun. I certainly DON'T work for the London Underground, as you'll soon see and this is NOT a PR stunt from Ken Livingstone, although I did meet him earlier in the year. I'm just an ordinary commuter who spends too many hours on the tube travelling from leafy Surrey to Piccadilly Circus every day on the District and Piccadilly Lines and what you'll read below is my journey and assorted tube ramblings, hopefully, as The Guardian said written with "humour and detail".

Finally (for now), thanks to my regular readers who have been growing over the year and have also been sending me links and in some cases providing lively comments. Also please have a browse through the links on the right. The blogs there are some of my favourite blogs and make a great daily read.

Oh yeah - I must also thank blogger who provide the technology which powers and hosts this blog. It is so simple to use and update (anyone can build a blog in minutes) and it's also interesting that the Best Written British Blog in the Guardian Awards - the truly fantastic & fascinating Belle de Jour is also "powered by blogger" - although we must have been cursing them over the last week or so as the service has been very up and down and I hope they're sorted out their technical problems now!

UPDATE - I am not willing to "put out"

Funniest thing I read today was from Tim Ireland's bloggerheads entry of 18th December, re today's announcement of the Guardian British Blog Awards:

"The 'best written' award went to an excellent blog: Belle de Jour.

This weblog (by a London call girl) is, arguably, a specialist blog... but it's the writing that makes it remarkable. It even managed to pass through B3ta's harsh filters. For once, they didn't care if it was commercial - or even real - it was just Very. Well. Written.

UPDATE - Hmmm. She also looks to be a perfect candidate to publicise this union drive. Oh, and the nod given to Annie was well-deserved. Perhaps if she were more willing to put out she would have pipped Pepys at the post.

I'm also not willing to become a bloke, wear a wig and white face make up and oh yeah, be dead.

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