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Friday, December 05, 2003

Hector causes some confusion on the tube

I received the funniest email from an Australian guy asking for help.

"My wife and I were in London earlier this year (Sept. - Oct.) and there was an ad. in the carriages of the underground that read ( I think):-

"I'm an old skint, I'll hector not to save thousands on my mortgage."

I've spoken in English all my life - I teach English - I couldn't make sense of this ad. What on Earth does it mean? Please try to find out and let me know please!!!!!

PS: There was a cartoon drawing of some odd looking half man - half dog or mooselike creature on the same poster. Here on the other side of the world, we're not likely to hear much about this ad. But I'm a sticky beak who can't relax until I know what it means. Wife says that I'm crazy. She's probably right.

PPs: Your website is 'brilliant.' Love it.

Desperate for an answer

After I had stopped laughing (the Australians have had enough of a hard time in the UK recently), I actually gave the guy what I thought was a very helpful and informative reply, saying that Hector was in fact a dog, and an animated character from Hector's House children's TV show in the seventies. He used to say things like "I'm a funny old Hector" and "I'm a silly old Hector". In fact I used to have Hector's House wallpaper in my bedroom when I was about five.

Hector's House Virgin London Underground advertising - I'm a silly old Hector for confusing tourists

I thought that Virgin had decided to use Hector for the tube ads and the TV ads as it would appeal to viewers of the same age as me, mid to late thirties, who would be old enough to be onto their second mortgage or would be thinking about re-mortgaging. (Personally I don't think they work, but that's by the by). As it turns out that's exactly what
Virgin's agency - Tequila were thinking and Virgin actually spent �15 million on the total campaign.

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