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Monday, December 29, 2003

It's snowing!

Let it snow, let it rain, let it snow!

After coming to work through a monsoon and then walking through a lake when I got to Piccadilly Circus, now having finished chatting to all in the office about Xmas, it's snowing. But it's that shitty central London snow which is more like rain really, but colder and because it's been so wet isn't going to settle and will turn to horrible dirty brown slush.

Today's Metro Momento

A very thin issue of Metro this morning (obviously advertisers don't think saddos like myself and colleagues at work who are back between Xmas and New Year are worth selling to. They're right, we're all too busy feeling sorry for ourselves and talking about Christmas and deleting 300 odd emails about loans, mortgages and the V word).

But a letter in Metro was worthy of note:

"My train was cancelled the other day due to a bridge strike. What on earth are they complaining about? All they do is stand around all day looking archful. What's come over them (apart from a few trains, a lorry and two pigeons)? Next thing it'll be the traffic lights coming out in sympathy. Chaos will ensue. Mark my words: it's the thin end of a very fat wedge." Brian Donnelly.

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