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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Pop Idol finalists busking at Green Park tube station

OHMIGOD - I soooo could not have made this up, but apparently yesterday, the three finalists in
ITV1's Pop Idol Saturday night show were busking in "disguise" at one of the official busker spots at Green Park London Underground Station. This brings me such joy and I can't wait to see it tonight (or rather, I'll have to set the video as I'm going out).

It's similar to what Badly Drawn Boy did where he was filmed busking for his video All Possibilities and embarrassingly, even though he'd won the Mercury Music Prize in 2000, he only made a paltry �1.60 in 90 minutes he was busking his little heart out. Even Guardian employees managed to earn more money than him busking.

So I spose tonight we'll see which of the finalists makes the most money. My money is on Sam - he looks the most like a busker and is the cutest. Whereas Mark sounds the most like a busker (how on earth he is on the top three is anyone's guess - Mr Karaoke 2003). And Michelle, well, she could be the wild card to win on the busking stakes. The novelty of her being a Scottish and a woman (not normally great busking criteria) might just tip the balance. She'll have to tone down the diva stuff though.

Can't wait and I hope they read the Q review on which songs get the most money for buskers.

UPDATE - Well Michelle won the busking element and made over �14, so she beat Badly Drawn Boy - Damon Gough by miles. Here she is pictured scaring commuters at Green Park.

Michelle out of Pop Idol busking at Green Park tube

The boys were a bit miffed as they said they were only having a laugh and Michelle was taking it too seriously and are pictured below remonstrating with a defensive Michelle.

Pop Idol finalists busking at Green Park

But my heart goes out to poor little Sam tonight who was voted out. It was so unfair but typical of how the public vote in these things. Everyone assumed he was going to win so voted for the underdog Mark instead. (It happened to Javine but she's laughing all the way to the bank now rather than joining the vulgar starting drunken fights with girls in loos Girls Alout) Mark simply CANNOT win, he is awful, I'm going to vote for Michelle next week.

UPDATE - 20th December - Thank Christ - Michelle WON. I also know what it's like to be 16 years old again. I found myself compulsively drawn to Chris Carlin's blog which I referenced in the paragraph above, and I had to defend Michelle, and got a few clicks back to this blog as a result. Now, a character called JOLLY has been responding with hair tearing out statements like:

"It annoys me, this new culture breeding in the UK. All our TV presenters and idols are becoming fat, ugly, gay or some racial minority. Let's hope the children in our schools aspire to be an overweight, buck-toothed faggot who sits waiting in the benefit office for their asylum cheque."

If you're vaguely interested in hearing what a bunch of teenagers, Daily Mail readers and a woman old enough to know better than to enter the "debate", think about Pop Idol, click here. Jolly's and my comments are near the end.

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