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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Sleeping on the tube

Festivities catching up on commuters

I was half asleep yesterday and to be honest I almost fell asleep in the office (thank Christ my CEO isn't a regular reader of my blog). But it wasn't just me. Most of the depleted numbers of people on my carriage coming into work, were asleep or nodding off - too many parties, too much shopping or general end of year hibernation instinct.

It can be hazardous
sleeping on the tube at night and there's far too many instances of me doing this to find them all. Use the Google search on the right and put in "asleep" if you want to find some of them. Although Jan 15th was my first one since blogging, rapidly followed by another on Jan 22nd.

I do have a built in sixth sense that luckily wakes me up at the right stop and I've only had to go back more than one stop once, when I was completely trollied after a Xmas party about four years ago and woke up at Heathrow Airport - I then actually went too far coming back into town and had to go out again (NOT clever).

My colleague who sits next to me and gets British Rail, recently left a party deliberately early to get home to Bedford, fell asleep and woke up somewhere ridiculously north of that - Wellingborough in Northamptonshire. He then had to pay forty quid to get a cab home and got back at two o'clock in the morning (NOT clever).

Apparently a good tip that someone told me about is to set the alarm on your mobile phone to go off for how long it normally takes you to get home. This is fine if you get off at a stop that's not in a tunnel, and if the tubes are running normally. Also if you can actually remember to do this you're probably sober enough to wake up of your own accord anyway.

So kind of appropriate I saw this Pro Plus ad yesterday:

Pro Plus tube advert - she looks how I felt

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