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Friday, January 02, 2004

Alternative Tube Maps

Strange versions of the London Underground Map

It's come to my attention over the last month that loads of people have been referencing a spoof map about the tube as though it's only just arrived (
see this).

Puts on trainspotting hooded sweatshirt and Nigel anorak - the map above was in a Have I Got 1997 for You book, as long ago as 1997 (funnily enough) and I've been referencing it on my main site for years.

Also it's not the only good spoof tube map - there's some top ones on my London Underground maps page of my main site

The Doctor Who Gallifrey one is excellent from a Dr Who convention where Bonnie Langford was also in attendance.

The If England had lost the war one is interesting.

Simon Patterson's Great Bear is the most expensive and he gets the award for making a bundle of money out of a really simple idea and getting it shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1997.

There's also a spoof of The Great Bear around where the tube station names were replaced with swear words and obscenities - I've not linked to it as it's too puerile for words - although Geoff Marshall links to it plus many of the others I've mentioned above plus some others.

I also came across some excellent tube carriage map stickers from www.8letters.co.uk)

click to see more from where this came from

Enjoy - although it's a shame poor old Harry Beck original designer of the tube map isn't around to sue the pants off everyone.

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