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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Eye, eye, eye

Fish Eye Lens

As yesterday's pictures seemed to get a lengthy comment from jag about cameras, and not using flash photography, and Lomo's (yeah I didn't know what they were either), today's header seemed appropriate.

I was sitting opposite a woman this morning on the District Line and was drawn to a hole in her fish net tights. It's not just me, but doesn't that hole look like an eye?

Once I thought that, I simply couldn't stop staring at the eye.

Then later on I visited Marieke's blog -
Bunny Factor 10 who had picked up the point I made on the main site about doing Magic Eye on tube seats.

Marieke said - "Look at the picture: does it or does it not give you Magic Eyes. Makes you wonder what secret images the London Underground have hidden in their seats. Maybe messages for terrorists? Security hints?"

And also I wore my glasses today for the first time in ages, certainly the first time this year, as I was getting eye strain.

It's funny how you can find so many eye references when you are looking for them. Shit there's another one. Must stop now before I hypnotise myself - Quote the hypnotist, Kenny Craig, from Little Britain - "Look into my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, deep in the eyes, not around the eyes, but in the eyes - click - you're under"

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