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Friday, January 02, 2004

Guardian Awards - more surprises

More strange referrals from being highly commended

This blog has been and is still getting a shedload of visitors and links since being highly commended in last month's
Guardian British Blog Awards

This frustrating yet amusing entry is from the weirdly named Finibus Bonoreum et Malorum (I didn't do latin at school and the blogger in question clearly didn't do grammar):

Blogs worth noting is the winner of the photo category: NYCLONDON and the strange (fictive?) blog of the call-girl in London: Belle de Jour. But the most strange one is truly the London Underground Tube Diary where a guy is just writing and share photos from his ordinary daily routine as a employee at the London Tube.

Errr - a) I'm a woman and b) bangs head against a brick wall - I DON'T WORK FOR THE LONDON UNDERGROUND, seriously I do not. I would rather stick needles in my eyes than work for the London Underground. It's bad enough having to use the tube every day, imagine what it would be like knowing they were paying your mortgage and bills and paying for your food, nightmare.

Also I'm now officially a "wacky brit" which is top (well at least according to MTJ's blog):

In the mean time, if you want to see what a "real" mass transit journal looks like, you should visit Annie Mole's London Underground site - she fabulously covers every aspect of the "Tubes" and even proclaims her site to be "almost award winning." Besides, those wacky brits really know how to turn a phrase! Or in Westernese, "Them thar Englishers really does knows how to talk, yup."

Proclaiming my site to be "almost award winning" - erm, what else do I say about it? The highly commended blog? The just lost out to a dead guy blog? The didn't quite win five hundred quid blog? Or as my ex husband would say - The "Stop saying your site's so great" blog.

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