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Sunday, January 25, 2004

I wish I could speak Dutch

Useful as a icebreaker on parties

Just found a referral to my blog from a
Dutch-Canadian Blog, where the blogger, Peter, started off by talking about their favourite T shirt (see below) which is linked to this blog and how the T shirt was "useful as an icebreaker on parties".

Going Underground T Shirt

There's then a great discussion about all sorts of stuff (from the very rough translation) we have:

"a derogatory picture of the London underground. Some lines are in my experience lekkerder then others"

"I have the shirt with the slogan "Mind the pinch" on udder altitude.."

"I am a supporter of the underground railway in Paris. I find my way there blindly. Terrible system."

"...the underground railway to sit and smell I which strange air of parfum, moquette, adhesive and detergent...."

Then there's a bit of a discussion about cheesecake (WTF), then

"Eh .. London Underground. Laaavely. "

Then I can't understand any more. I just wish there was a better translation tool (The disclaimer at the bottom of the translation says - "Note: This is a computer translation of the original webpage. It is provided for general information only and should not be regarded as complete nor accurate. " - no kidding. Only a third of the page is translated and the machine then thinks, "Oh fook this, I can't be arsed translating the rest of the page" and goes off to do something else - like what? Make some tea, read the papers - it's a computer programme for Christ's sake and it's already getting bored or going for a little lie down).

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