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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Not a good day to say hi

Say "hello", then wave goodbye

Sorry another brief digression. After spending virtually my whole day deleting messages from the anal retentive fookwits who thought it hysterical to create the most pathetic useless virus (called,
My Doom apparently), I've had the misfortune to encounter. Get a life.

If anyone has had an email from "me" called "hello" or "hi" or "test" or "error" or "blank" at completely made up name at goingunderground.net - it obviously ain't me, it's some fooker with a brain the size of a pea.

You know what mate (by whom I mean inventor of the current virus of the day), why don't you get yourself a job on the tube where your talents could be put to excellent use inventing excuses as to why the trains are running late. Why don't you conjure up some reasons as to why the District Line is a good idea? Then try to figure out why there are many fewer trains running to Ealing Bdway than Richmond? Then do a little sideline in working out ways to persuade people to part with 50p's for the chocolate machines at stations, and then swallow that money. Then invent the whole Oystercard system on your day off and come up with the sad campaign to "touch in and out".

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