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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Pictures I'm looking for

Or rather pictures I won't be able to take on the tube

Tony, who's just signed my
guestbook was drawn to the opening section on my main site, where I list some pictures that would be most rare to see on the tube.

He said: "I noticed that you are looking for a photo of a smiling member of staff Believe me if you had to work for this cowboy outfit (I do) you wouldn�t Smile! But the best time to try is every 4th Wednesday, which is pay-day"

Other pictures which I claim would be hard to find are:

  • A Northern line train (most rare)
    (although someone who works on the Nothern Line signed my guestbook and said that he smiled on their days off and at going home times!!)

  • Commuters looking happy during the rush hour

  • A ticket machine that does not say "Exact fare only"

  • A busker who is playing music just for the hell of it

  • A chocolate machine on a platform that works

  • A "photo-me" photo booth that you can fit more than a mouse into

  • A penalty fare inspector who is not a sadist

  • A District line train that does not stop between every stop.

    And, just before anyone sends these pictures in to me, it's a joke, you know, I'm trying to be ironic.

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