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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Pigeons and pigeon droppings (and penguins)

Why is being used as a pigeon loo, lucky?

Continuing this blog's lavatorial theme,
Pixel Diva had a great post yesterday about being lucky enough to have a pigeon crap on her. It is an old wives' tale that this is supposed to be lucky, but I have no idea why. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Kindly sent to my by Andy Vine and used with his permission

With all the pigeons I've encountered in my life, from the cocky commuter pigeons on the tube, (see 31st December entry) the exhibitionists in Trafalgar Square, the mad Italian ones in Venice, I've never been lucky enough to have a pigeon shit on me.

Update - Today's Metro momento

It seems also appropriate to report that in today's Metro there's an article on penguin poo:

"Penguins' poo-power takes the biscuit
......The birds are able to expel their faeces with such force that they can project them some 15 inches from their nests......(scientists) found that penguins point their rear ends out of the nest and then fire their thick white to pink faeces with such force they land far away from their nests. ....Penguins, they found, can generate pressues of up to 60 kilopascals
(WTF?) with each poop - more than four times the amount of force humans generate, reports New Scientist Magazine"

Fantastic. So at least we can be grateful that a) penguins can't fly, b) we don't have them in the UK and c) getting crapped on by penguin shit would probably cause you serious injury.

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