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Monday, January 19, 2004

Polite Piccadilly Line PA

Please get up for pregnant ladies, pregnant men can stand

Left work quite late this evening and had the misfortune to get on a train that was doing a massive stop, start, stop, start or rather a massive stop in tunnel. The stop that gets to the level where people are starting to get a bit worried and look round at each other, and start muttering and get hot under the collar and start to think "I don't want to suffocate and share my last breath with these people, get me out of here now".

But our driver kindly gave us a running commentary at each of the long stops between stops saying it was due to a defective train in front of us.

By the time I got a seat, he gave the following fairly lengthy announcement which bought a smile to the face of everyone in the carriage -
click here to hear him. It was really sweet how he was sounding so earnest about people feeling faint, and going off to seek the more than happy station staff and assistants who would have glasses of cool water to refresh them. You almost expected that you'd get a little head message or shoulder rub when you got off too.

What made this funnier to our carriage is that ours was at the back of the train and so relatively uncrowded, a few people were standing, but the idea of feeling faint and claustrophobic had long passed. So the need for the flashing dot matrix sign below, was a bit, well, needless for us

not a request for a feathery duvet

The sign actually said "Move down please", and was not an instruction you might find on Belle de Jour's site (Let the bitching begin, mwah, ha, ha).

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