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Thursday, January 22, 2004

What not to do down under

Aussie rules

I must thank, Australian Blogger
Daniel Bowen who signed my guestbook this morning after coming from the Bloggies' awards nomination page, to say that he'd helped to write an article about train etiquette in Melbourne. Amazingly it bears a striking resemblance to some of the unofficial tube rules I've reported in my time.

In Oz we have: "Men who wrap their legs round women and constantly touch them", on London's tube we have: "Men who sit with their legs wide apart".

Similar annoyance in Japan too:

Men close your legs

In Oz we have: "Mobile phone freaks who love the sound of their own voice", on the tube we have "Talking Loud and saying nothing"

In Oz we have: "Dealing with a greedy double seat user is like dealing with the devil incarnate" on the tube we have "Don't think your bag is entitled to a seat"

In Oz we have: "Public Transport displays of affection is mind numblingly annoying for those who have to share your loved up space", on the tube we have "Being forced to endure slurpy tube snoggers"

But the best Oz one is about giving up your seat to the obviously visably pregnant or elderly (we have the same rule on the tube), but article in Melbourne says
"Just remember we'll all be old or pregnant one day".

Cheers Daniel you've made my day.

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