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Friday, January 16, 2004

Where are those tube fairies?

Tube gods and fairies on holiday

For the first time this year, I missed my stop through falling asleep on the tube coming home. I'm always falling asleep on the tube, as I mentioned quite recently (on
Christmas Eve Eve), but I also tend to have an innate sense of knowing when my stop is. This evening I went to see the fantastic film Lost in Translation (just go and see it), then had a meal afterwards and full and satisfied fell asleep on the Piccadilly Line. Like I normally do, then relied on the tube fairies to gently prod me awake at my stop.

I woke up to see Turnham Green (my stop to change onto the District Line) out of the window. But it took some time for my sleep addled head to connect with the fact that the doors had already closed and the train was about to leave.

I swear I have never known the Piccadilly Line take so long to get to the next stop of Action Town (sorry) Acton Town. Stop, start, stop, start. Infuriating, plus I was worried I might fall asleep again and end up at Heathrow Airport, somehow sleepwalk my way out of the station and onto a plane bound for Barbados. Second thoughts, that might not have been such a bad idea.

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