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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wrong type of snow

Tube is surprised about snow

We have been having for days and days now,
weather forecasts predicting snow. In fact it's been snowing in Scotland since the weekend and it's been forecast to move down south and yesterday you couldn't move in Soho for the grit, as Westminster Council had been uber vigilant and gritted every single slope on the pavements. I supposed they're petrified that some new meeja geek, or film luvvie, or one of Belle de Jour's mates will sue the pants off them if they slip and fall.

Last night it actually snowed in London. It's not too heavy where I am right now, but already the tube is like "Oh my God, it's snowing therefore any line that operates in the open is fooked". Anyone reading this blog from last year may remember I actually broke my leg in two places (ie I didn't break it in Sydenham and then in Victoria, my leg bone had two breaks) this time last year. That was through slipping on ice outside a station (British Rail). Jag reported how it took him nine hours to get home when we had the same unexpected snow which basically closed down the outer regions of the Piccadilly Line.

So even though we've been warned about it. Even though we're in the UK which is cold and known to get the odd bit of snow. Why are "underground" lines like the Piccadilly Line and the Metropolitan, and the Jubilee and the Central Lines, which are mostly "overground" still struggling to cope with snow and some parts have no service this morning?

Geek fact number 1,324 - More of the London Underground is overground and in the open than in a tunnel.

Oh yeah, those My Doom virus geeks I mentioned yesterday could definitely help the tube here - how many ways can you say bad weather - This is due to adverse weather, This is due to severe weather conditions, This is due to bad weather conditions.

Any advances on these three currently gracing the London Underground delays site?

Update - Nice to see The Big Smoker sharing these sentiments.

Update 2 - Just in case the London Underground need a further reminder, here's an up to date weather report from Funjunkie. And it's now not just fooking freezing up north, there's heavier snow and it's freezing in London too.

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