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Friday, February 27, 2004

Busking all over the World

Can you really live by

Just heard about full time buskers Welshman, Nigel Ashcroft and American, Ashley Abbott who are going to start a challenge today to see how far they can travel round the world on busking alone. Their first hurdle is going to be to get on the tube without a ticket. Good luck, as that part alone sounds like a Hurculean challenge.

The BBC said "They will turn up at Leicester Square station on Friday, without a penny, to raise enough to get them started on the first leg of their trip.

"The first test is getting into London Underground without paying for a ticket, but I'm sure that will be fine," Mr Ashcroft told BBC News Online.

They will first go to Paris, then travel through France and Spain to Morocco and hope to have raised enough for an air fare by the time they reach Casablanca."

Overall they need about two and half grand for their trip as they are hoping to get as far as the Far East.

Nigel Ashcroft on his busking challenge

So if you see them at Leceister Square both today and tomorrow you might want to give them a bit to get them going. They're filming their progress for a documentary and will try to raise money for a homeless charidee.

I just hope they've looked at the Eurobuskers website as there was a little survey there which showed which country in Europe is the most generous to buskers. The Swiss won, followed by Ireland and amazingly the UK was third.

Just hope they're better than the hideous REM Losing My Religion busker as he sucks.

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