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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Large luggage

Burberry, bags and boogaloo

Went out to Piccadilly Circus yesterday evening to visit some out of towner friends - I always really hate going to town at weekends. The minute I step out of Piccadilly Circus I can't help feeling like
Worzel Gummidge and having "me work ed on". So all of the drummers around the station exit and loads of people taking pictures, and standing in the way and walking around with their heads in the air staring at the massive ads, is just a pain in the arse, particularly when you're running late.

On the way into Piccadilly Circus came across a ginormous mock Burberry suitcase with two other pieces of luggage. I never saw its owner, so can just assume it wheeled itself up the stairs, trundled through the barrier section for large luggage and boarded the tube by itself

Coming home, leaving enough time to not get the very last tube (when is the tube going to open all night at weekends?), and there was that massive Saturday night paaaaartey, atmosphere at Piccadilly Circus. Couples snogging on escalators, a busker blowing away at his saxaphone with pound signs in his eyes, people doing my daily stock in trade and taking snaps of each other on the tube - you know the score.

And me, still with "me work ed on" dying to get to the relative peace and quiet on the District Line. I still found enough peace and quiet with the help of my MP3 player to have a snooze and wake up at Baron's Court with a guy sitting opposite me, laughing with the woman sitting next to me.

I can only imagine I was snoring or drooling or both, as he joyfully said to me "Missed your stop?". "No", I replied haughtily, as though I never missed my stop, "Don't need to get off till Turnham Green". Back of my mind, I was thinking "Mind your own business, you nosy git", then thought in light of what I do most days, that was a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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