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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Murder on the tube

Thank God for CCTV

The Evening Standard's headlines were rightly screaming about the guy who pushed another person under the tube and pictures were captured on CCTV. I was in two minds about reporting this, but it ought to be reported, just in case people are thinking the Tube is a quaint and funny place in London. It ain't. There are psychos around, like there are anywhere and this poor person was unfortunate enough to be standing in front of a psycho who pushed him under a tube

My ex husband knows someone who was pushed into a moving train. He wasn't killed, but incredibly shocked and bady bruised, but these things happen and whereever there are lots of people there are bound to be disturbed people. Ex also grabbed a person who decided to walk onto the tracks. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have never, ever witnessed anything as horrible as someone leaping or being pushed under a tube, although I have seen some really stupid people running on the tracks.

Words fail me. They really do. Just be careful, try to stand side on. Be aware of people who look a bit disturbed. London is a big , big, city and unfortunately, like it or not there are very, very disturbed people around. Everyone buying The Evening Standard saw the picture and the headline, and yet we still travel on the tube. There are bomb threats, security alerts, and yet life still goes on - it's got to. Just try to be aware of the people around you. My sincere condolences go out to the faimly of the man that was killed at Mile End.

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