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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Right above your nose

It's like Piccadilly Circus in here

Yesterday I mentioned how annoying it was to be working in the middle of a major tourist attraction (
London, the place to be right now), but sometimes it's only by being a tourist that you notice amazing things around you. I'm normally too busy running to work, grabbing a sandwich or a Chai Latte or a bento box for lunch, running to and from meetings, and getting then thinking of quick escape routes to get out of Zone 1 as fast as possible to get home.

I walk past Piccadilly Circus at least twice a day (and goodness knows how long this has been going on), but it was only when I emerged from the station yesterday morning that I tharwt I thaw some Coke bottles getting on a tube. Don't think I'm hallucinating. I did a double take and stared at the MASSIVE Coca Cola movie on the enormously famous and enormous advertising hoardings at Piccadilly Circus.

Yep, there were definitely some Marilyn Monroe style Coke bottles jostling their way on and off a tube. I was late for the office, so vowed to catch them later.

I came back at lunchtime, stood at Piccadilly Circus with my camera at the ready and looked up at Coca Cola ad campaigns through the ages. I was getting a stiff neck and beginning to again think I had been hallucinating or dreaming them. I saw some bottles getting onto double decker buses and got a bit happier. Then bollox, more Coca Cola ad campaigns through the years. More and more of them.

After about six or seven minutes, I was just about to lose the will to live. Then bingo, there they were, the bottles on the tube, the Coke commuters. Right above my nose.

Giant coke commuters at Piccadilly Circus

I'd to teach the world to commute, in perfect harmony

I managed to grab a couple more shots on the way home:

Coke adds life at Piccadilly Circus

Imagine how fizzy they'd be when they were opened

Perhaps I should do this tourist thing a bit more often, although I've had a strange craving for Lemon flavoured cokes all night.

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