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Monday, February 23, 2004

Today's Metro Momento

Another top Metro prize

I wish someone would up the budgets for the prizes on offer in Metro's Tube competitions. First, we had a
hot date at the London Transport Museum, then they got better with a bunch of flowers, now you can win a Penguin Classic paperback. I can't wait, so I need help in trying to guess where part of this "epic extract" written in the style of a commuter comes from (I'm guessing Homer's Odyssey, but it seems a bit too easy - however we are talking Monday morning Metro here).

"I had been told that the truest way to reach my destination would be to enter that place where the sun reaches not, and so I prepared to descend to the bowels of the Earth........

"I entered the land of the shadows

"But alas I had forgotten to touch in with the card of the oyster, and I would yet be facing a grievous curse.

"Unaware of this, my fate, I continued down, descending without moving; my legs on the entranced steps, past the multitude of souls, until I could go no further........

"After journeying through black tunnels that no mortal should see, I quickly made for the light, and once again reached the dank Halls from which I might depart the place of darkness.

"But as I tried to leave, my card of the oyster would not let me through, until I had paid in kind a guardian of the gates. As I made my way from that joyless place far form the sun, I passed a Siren singing her bewitching voice the high clear song of Shania Twain, but I blocked my ears and passed by unharmed."

If they'd thrown in a few harpies as opposed to guardians of the gates. Hecate, goddess of the Underworld should have also made an appearance.

Anyone who wants to enter, email commuter@ukmetro.co.uk and you'll be in with a chance of winning that paperback that's worth about ten quid.

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