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Monday, February 09, 2004

Today's Metro Momentos

It's Hallmark Day on Saturday

Just in case you haven't noticed, on Saturday, it's the patron saint of Hallmark, Clinton, Thorntons, Interflora, lastminute.com,
supriseyourwoman.com, surpriseyourman.com, (Rich you owe me), and any other company which celebrates the day when long time married men rush into petrol stations and railway stations to grab a bouquet of limp flowers.

True to form, Metro follow up their "Love on the Commute" feature and try to get people who have "spotted some totty on the train", to make the first move.

Being "innudated with messages", Metro publish eleven of them, but the chances of anyone recognising themselves are slim. But who knows, one of them could be you.....

"At 5.36pm, Liverpool Street to Gidea Park. third carriage. Tony? What's on your iPod? Loving the new haircut!"

"Mr tall, slim, with the most charismatic smile, in your twenties with your companion, the heavy duty wheely case, I wouldn't mind signing to you again on the opposite platform."

"You have jet black hair, wear signature black gloves, a long coat and carry a tan briefcase. I catch your eye on the 8.20/8.30am train from Pinner going into the City."

My favourite is this one:

"I don't see you often enough, either because you don't get up early in the morning or miss your train frequently.....You are half asleep most of the time, so I would like to say "Open your eyes or you'll never know what you're missing". From a wondrous thunderbolt who gets on at Baker Street and wants to brighten your life"

Check out Isawyoutoday.com for a website that's been trying to cosy up commuters for a few years now. Don't forget to invite me to the wedding if you get hitched. Love can happen.


Bradley kindly spotted a Valentine's campaign on the tube website, were the London Underground are desperate to find some story or figures about people meeting on the tube - if you can stand the bright red on their site, fill out their Valentine's survey. Igoring the questions about sex and marital status - I predict the answers will be yes, no, no.

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