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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Tube Rage caused by lack of oxygen

or A Breath of Fresh Air Underground

Many thanks to
Simon for sending me information about a new report which suggests that the poor ventilation and lack of oxygen on crowded (I'm being politically correct, by saying crowded, not overcrowded) Tubes leads to Tube Rage and they call for immediate improvements in ventilation.

When talking about the report (A Breath of Fresh Air Underground), Mike Fisher, director of the British Association of Anger Management, says lack of oxygen leads to "increasing feelings of panic.

"If, on top of this, you have the physical distress and discomfort of overcrowding, an individual can experience reactions such as anxiety, aggression, impatience and feelings of sickness."

Well, putting aside the fact that overcrowding does not exist, that's sort of stating the obvious, in that I think it's more the feelings of being packed in an enclosed space with hundreds of people that leads to "anxiety, aggression, impatience and feelings of sickness".

I've also just literally heard on Capital Radio that this bad air quality on the tube could also cost us the Olympics apparently (as if we give two flying fooks - Mystic Meg cross eyes on - It will go to Paris, It will go to Paris).

Course, in an act of spinning that Alastair Campbell would be proud of, the London Underground refute this all as bollox, and by sexing down the report say it "was based on old research and what appears to be supposition", but even they had to acknowledge that they : "...are continuing work to look at viable solutions to improve tunnel ventilation."

Expect more reports like this from the BBC and Capital Radio's and Virgin Radio (sorry for forgetting you guys) throughout the day.

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