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Friday, March 05, 2004

b3ta go tube mad

B3ta Tube Totty T Shirt pulls the birds

Just to explain to people who've been living on another planet,
b3ta is one of THE most popular email newsletters around. It's mainly a collection of funny animations, photo shop spoof things and all sorts of very clever fun stuff - once you hit b3ta, you have arrived on the net and people originally being touted on here have gone on to be commissioned to make TV commercials (Anchor butter and Switch/Maestro are the lastest big brands to spot the talent there) Needless to say b3ta have ignored my blog and website for years, but it was fun to see this story hitting its headlines today:

"I was sat on the tube today proudly sporting my new b3ta threads and a girl opposite me started mouthing 'woo' and then 'yay' to me. It took me ages to work out what she was saying and I felt really self-conscious. When I realised, she got off the tube.

"She looked a bit like a Britney. So, yeah, she was hot. It only lasted for two stops on the Central Line but I'd love for her to get in touch."

Reminds me of the "Did she just shake her tic tacs at me" TV ad shot in a tube carriage, and incidentally I know the guy who sits next to the speaking actor. See how I mix with the famous.

Escalator sliding captured on film

Then there's a brilliant film of people sliding down escalators on the tube

"Recently me and my mates attended a posh dinner thing at the Tower of London," writes Elliott Ingram, "It ended early so we were up for a bit of pissing around on the Tube. I filmed it all on my phone." Wow. These guys slide down the central bit of a really long escalator. Er... and then they fall off. Woo.

Escalator sliding at Leicester Square - screen grab from The Cartoonist

It's a very long download (even on broadband), because such is the popularity of the newsletter, and the idea of seeing the above, there's shedloads of people trying to look at it now and the site may take ages to load. Keep trying, I've just seen it and it's VERY, VERY funny and you do find yourself saying "ouch" in sympathy when he falls off.

The idea is brill and it's probably something we've all thought about doing, although my colleague has just said he'd be worried about his bollox getting hit on the little "stand on the right" triangular signs. Probably more a case of permanently changing which side you "dress on".

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