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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Pregnant Pause

Giving up seats

Piccadilly Line shit this morning, so had to get the District Line most of the way in and was reminded of just how hideous it is, with its constant stops between stops. Central Line was also screwed (I left half an hour earlier to prepare for a meeting - got in two minutes before I normally do, fortunately-ish, the person I was meeting was forty minutes late due to the above problems)

But on the District Line I was throwing on some make-up and still managed to see a pregnant woman get on. Now, she wasn't really heavily pregnant and was wearing a thick jacket and a big jumper and for a moment I had that "Is she pregnant or is she just fat?" dilemma. I offered her my seat and fortunately she was pregnant and took the seat - or perhaps she was just fat and thought she might as well take advantage of my offer. (For more
seat etiquette)

Doing this always reminds me of the hideous story one of my old bosses told me. A guy was being interviewed by her for a job and it was all going well, until at some deranged point, he said casually "So when are you leaving then?". Old boss looked puzzled. "Er, well you'll be off work soon, won't you?" "Not as far as I know" said old boss. Now at this point the guy should have laid down his shovel and stepped away from the massive hole he was digging. "Well you must be on maternity leave soon". "Er, no". Surprisingly, he never got the job.

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