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Friday, March 26, 2004

Today's morbid Metro Momento

Friday Fun?

The letters page of Metro had a cracking letter about someone's worry if a tube train were bombed and how half the carriage would get out if the driver what at the bombed end (cheerful lot aren't we?)

"......why has no one told us what we should do in an emergency if we find ourselves stuck on a train at the un-bombed out end of the train? Presumably, the only member of staff available to direct us would be the driver. But what happens if they are positioned in the bombed-out end of the train? Should we sit tight and wait to be rescued - and risk choking on fumes or beign crushed in a tunnel collapse? Or should we get the hell out and take our chances on the live rails? And if so, how does one get out of a train that's wedged in a tunnel.

Given that the emergency services have said that rescuing live survivors from this sort of disaster would be almost impossible, it seems pretty poor that there's no information available on board the trains to help us make life-or-death decisions at that 'invevitable' moment

Well I think Rebecca from SE23 has a point. Will we see emergency "airline style" plastic cards with drawings of people legging it from crashed tube trains? Will there be posters? I know the tube do regular emergency evacuation "rehearsals", (in fact Dave from funkypancake saw some
fireman's practice thing going on at the disused Alwych Tube station a few days ago) but I'm not sure what the result of them is. Perhaps someone in the know can let us know.

Co-incendentally Rob from The Big Smoker sent me the link to a poster of the "Who Owns this Bag?" campaign that follows the more common attitude that people have with seeing unattended bags or potential bomb carriers

Who Owns This Bag - an alternative poster

From mantlepies.com via b3ta.

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